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Drug Addiction Treatment Programs by A Forever Recovery

About A Forever Recovery

A Forever Recovery is a  drug and alcohol addiction treatment center located in Battle Creek, Michigan.  We are dedicated to providing professional and effective treatment in a safe and comfortable environment that promotes healing. We offer multiple treatment methods including, but not limited to: sauna relaxation, acupuncture and massage therapy, improvement courses, nutritional and exercise guidance, aftercare prevention, and much more.

As part of our successful approach to recovery, A Forever Recovery offers multiple treatment options for our clients. Some of our clients prefer rehabilitation through cognitive programs, while others have found success through their own spiritual or religious belief. It is our goal to help each client develop their own path to a long and lasting recovery.

To learn more about A Forever Recovery and how we can help those suffering from addiction or to find out how more about our treatment methods and practices, call us toll-free.

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A Forever Recovery Programs

At A Forever Recovery, we offer a drug rehabilitation program that is dedicated to the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction. Our drug addiction treatment  program has many options to choose from that allows clients to best customize their plan in order to best serve their needs and preferences. These program options are:

  • Faith Based: – This track offers the individual with the opportunity to seek treatment from a program that has a foundation of the teachings of Jesus Christ. It also offers guidance through the client’s spiritual and religious beliefs.
  • Self Help: – The self help approach lets individuals attend support groups, fellowships and other gatherings that are focused on a self help recovery.
  • Cognitive: – This approach benefits is perfect for those who are looking to recover by enhancing their on understands and thought processes.
  • Holistic: – This approach introduces you to elements of healing through such methods as Yoga, massage therapy, exercise and nutritional therapy, Acupuncture, meditation, Martial Arts and many other holistic methods of treatment.
  • Indigenous Path: – The Indigenous path is based on teachings of traditional Native American drug rehabilitation approaches, while creating a strong foundation of an overall complete healing.
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